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Medpet Arthritis Care (60 tabs)

R 209.00

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Medpet Arthritis Care is a nutritional aid to manage the symptoms of moderate to severe bone and joint conditions. 

  • High quality active ingredients utilized.
  • Highly palatable.
  • May be given as tablet or crushed and added to food.
  • Cost effective

May be given to all sizes of dogs and cats.

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744 reviews
Another bunny favorite

My bunnies love these, healthy treats! I literally get tackled by them when I bring these out.

Bunny favorite

My bunnies go absolutely nuts for these treats!

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Great turnaround and local delivery with a smile

Very speedy turnaround using the local Harbour Bay store to deliver

VetsBrands Cardiofocus

My dogbaby has a heart condition and has Cardiofocus daily. She is so happy, has a shiny coat and is full of energy.