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Mikki Undercoat Rake Rotating - Thick Coats

R 308.00

The Mikki Anti-Tangel Undercoat Rake removes loose undercoat without damaging the top coat.

Mikki Anti-Tangle Undercoat Rake For Thick Coats: 

Dogs are unable to keep their undercoats thinned so they need a little help from us. The Mikki Anti-Tangle Undercoat Rakes designed by grooming experts to give you an easy way to help diffuse matts and tangles as well as removing undercoat. The stepped design of the undercoat rake teeth removes fluffy undercoat, leaving a healthy top coat.

  • Spinning stainless steel teeth help tease through knots and tangles
  • With long teeth to reach the lower layers of thick coats
  • Available in small and large sizes


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