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Pets Elite Dry Sausage Bite Size 100g

R 30.00

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All natural, healthy bite size treats for training or just rewarding your dog for good behaviour. Convenient size bag for traing classes or carring with you in your car or handbag. Due to the natural drying process and no chemicals being added storage of this item is important. These should not be kept in a moist or hot environment. 

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Pets Elite Dry Sausage Netted Bag (Bulk Pack 450g)

Very happy, our dogs love the droëwors and even one of our cats! Great to cut smaller and use for reward and training bits. Big favorite now so we will be back for more.

Paul S.
Pets Elite Dry Sausage Netted Bag

The Dry Wors(sausage) is being thoroughly enjoyed by my dog kids crowd. Money was well spent. Thank you

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Happy Birds

Westermans Wild Bird seed bells are the best. The garden birds are delighted with my purchase.


My little one loves these

My guinea pigs love it

The hay smells fresh and not dusty at all, my guinea pigs wheek uncontrollably excited everyday when they smell me getting their hay and it's really compact there's so much in there. I'll be continuing to purchase hay for them since this is also one of the only stores that sell the brand.

Poor performance toy

I wanted to buy a different type of treat toy but the stockists didn't have it and so they recommended replacing it with this bristle bone toy. Unfortunately though it has removable parts which need to be unscrewed in order to insert the treat. My dog was able to unscrew the end in the first 5 minutes of playing with it and once she had it off she chewed the screw part as well as the treat rendering the toy obsolete.
I wouldn't recommend it as it could be harmful to your dog to be able to chew the long screw and it's not worth spending the money to only use it once.

My dog loves these balls. Although they are pliable they are strong and great for chewing on. And they last a long time.