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Ricky Litchfield Infla-Active Capsules

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Ricky Litchfield products are an all-natural product range for dogs which contains the active ingredient Buchu extract. 

Buchu is a Fynbos shrub that is indigenous to South Africa and has a long history of use in traditional herbal medicine. The Buchu extract found in this range contains the potent bioflavonoids quercetin, rutin, hesperidin, diosmin as well as diosphenol and Vitamins A, B and E. 

The Ricky Litchfield Infla-Active Capsules are formulated with Buchu oil and Salmon oil in easy to absorp soft gel caps. 


  • Pain relief in arthritis and hip dysplasia.
  • Pain relief in post-surgical rehabilitation.
  • Provides a mobile, pain-free lifestyle in older dogs.
  • Promotes healthy hips and joints in growing dogs
  • May be used to treat eczema and allergic skin conditions in conjunction with gel/spray/shampoo.

May be taken long term with no side effects. 


  • Under 10 kg - 1 tablet daily
  • Between 10 - 20 kg's - 2 tablets daily
  • Over 20 kg's - 3 tablets daily

Correct dosage is vital to ensure optimum results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Corrie S.
Ricky Litchfield Infla-Active Capsules

This is helping my Bull Terrier so much with her sensitive skin. Her skin has now looked very nice for the first time in years, will recommend it anytime!!! Also the delivery is very quick.


My old boy went for a hip replacement... I bought this as he got home we started the tablets. His eyes have brightened up, his skin is shining. I bought 3 tubs of 90 tablets and his doing suppa on it. He just doesn't like the taste but we hide it in liver. Time to order more.

Lynetts G.
Inflactive capsules

Bought 2 containers yesterday received this morning. Super super fast service. Will make another review soon aftet results.

Shelise N.

Ricky Litchfield Infla-Active Capsules

Julie P.
Ricky inflamation

I think it is still early days, but I am very happy so far with the results

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Really impressive product!

We have tried a number of muzzles on our 55kg pitbull and his big head and snout have never fit as properly as the Baskerville Muzzle. Fitting chart was extremely accurate!

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Very happy.

My dogs favorite treat

One of my dog has sensitive tummy but this treat gives fun chewing time, great taste and good for digestion to all of my dogs. It’s their all time favorite!

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I have used this once a month for the past 30+ years on all my dogs. Keeps them free of ticks and fleas and does not harm them the way the pills do, which are poison.

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