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The Correct Way to Switch Foods

Are you thinking of changing your pet’s food?

There are many reasons to do so, from appeasing fussy eaters, or having to go onto a specific diet to aid your fur friend, to changing up proteins and flavours so that their gut is more used to different food items. Regardless of the reason behind the change, this change should be done responsibly. 

Try to plan ahead for any food changes, as you will need a week's worth of your pets original food and the bag of new food. Over the course of five to seven days, slowly introducing the new food into your pets diet will help mitigate unnecessary runny tummies, or even them turning their noses up at new tastes and textures! This can be common if you change foods infrequently, or if they’ve been on a specific brand since birth. 

For best results, we would recommend using a baking scale to weigh out and ensure you are feeding the correct amount of kibble. 

Day one: feed 100% of the original food. 

Day two: 75% of the original and 25% of the new food.

Day three: 50% of the original food and 50% of the new.

Day four: 75% of the new and 25% of the original. 

Day five: 100% of the new food.

This breakdown can be extended for a day or two so that you can finish up the last bits of the original food, or if your pet seems a bit resistant to the new food. Remember that even though our furry friends don’t have as many taste buds as we do, they still may have preferences for certain flavours, proteins, textures and  smells. 

You may need to try a few different proteins or brands to find out the best for your pet and your budget, so chat to our knowledgeable vet shop staff in one of our stores or online to see what would be recommended for your circumstances.

  • July 12, 2022
  • Kelly Muller
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