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All About Litter

Though many cats roam outdoors and can relieve themselves there, it’s vital to have litter trays available for our furry friends when they are indoors. Whether you have one kitty or a multi-cat household, we recommend having one tray per cat, plus an additional one as this helps encourage free, regular bowel movements, preventing some problems down the line. 

What To Fill Your Cat’s Litter Tray With:

Silica Crystals

The Large Crystal Cat Litter or Micro Crystals Cat Litter has either a large or fine silica grain, which is easy to use, and absorb and and odour reducing. We recommend using the Micro Crystals for kittens, as their paws will still be a bit sensitive as they grow. 

Biodegradable litter

There are many biodegradable options these days, from the Bamboo Organic Litter, which is highly absorbent and antibacterial, to Marlon’s Stones, a long lasting white grit that helps control odour. A popular option is the Eco-Cat Pellets, which is produced from compressed wood fibre, is safe for humans, animals, and the environment, and its natural pine wood fragrance helps with odour elimination. The Cat's Best Original, an excellent biodegradable and flushable option, is a clumping organic cat litter made from 100% naturally organic fibre, and traps and absorbs odours. 

Flushable litter

Kit Cat Soya Clump can absorb a lot more moisture than many other litters, and has an instant clumping formula. This helps protect your litter tray from an ammonia build up, which can be toxic. This unique product is made from the insoluble parts of a soybean, after soymilk production. these insoluble parts would typically be disposed of in a landfill, but instead, Kit Cat has created the ultimate eco-friendly litter.

Fragrance free litter

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter has no added perfumes or fragrances that could be offensive to the fussy feline, and clumps on contact by immediately absorbing urine. This quick clumping action traps the odor-causing bacteria, and odours disappear. Your litter box ends up staying clean and odor free thanks to the clumps continuing to harden and dry until all the liquid is gone, and this helps with fecal odours as well. The Comfy Benta Basic Clumping Litter is another super absorbent and hypoallergenic litter, proven to reduce smells and create hard clumps that won’t fall apart during cleaning. 

Fragranced stones

Marltons Clumping Lavender Litter is very economical, easy to carry, use and dispose of. This absorbent, dust free, lavender fragranced litter does not support bacterial life, and this helps it remain odour free.

  • August 30, 2022
  • Kelly Muller
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