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For those who love extremes – overly vivacious dogs or challenging situations. Flexi Xtreme offers safety through the Flexi X11-Tape and provides increased comfort on all adventures through its integrated elastic soft stop. Accessories that can be bought separately: The Multi Box - which is the ideal accessory to store treats or standard poop-bag rolls. Sizes: Small For dogs up...

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Make Bath Time Fun For many pets, bathing is a mental game. The Slow Treater™ can help you reduce the anxiety of your best furriend and keep their mind focused on something other than the fact they're being soaked with water against their will. This innovative treat slow feeder helps persuade pups to get in the tub and keep them...

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Pet wellness is much more than a bowl of food and a show of affection. It’s going the extra mile, it’s investing in their wellbeing as you would any member of your family, so don’t just take care of them, take extra care of them. Dogs and cats both have endocannabinoid systems just like humans, with cb1 and cb2 receptors...

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Delicious treats bursting with added benefits to keep your dog calm and happy. Our 100% natural hand-baked calming treats for dogs and puppies are made with soothing ingredients including chamomile and passionflower to help relax and calm your furry friend and aid a good night's sleep. Sweet dreams, pup. Simply Delicious: Packed with organic peanut butter and perfect as a...

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Our treats are packed with fresh veg, healthy fats, antioxidants and fibre that aid healthy digestion and keep their coat shiny. We use only 100% natural ingredients including sustainable, locally sourced wild boar and fresh, organic veggies straight from the farm. No added salt, grain, sugars or any artificial nasties whatsoever. Perfect for even the most sensitive tummies.

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A thunderstorm. Fireworks. A trip to the vet. Being left alone. For some dogs these are extremely stressful moments. But they no longer have to be. We’ve combined Ashwagandha, Skullcap and Chamomile with CBD in a daily care supplement to reduce stress and anxiety in dogs. Adaptogens are amazing little herbs that bring balance to the body. That’s why we...

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R 125.00

Your furry pal deserves only the best! We’ve combined the powers of astragalus and CBD in healthy dog and puppy treats to support overall stamina and health, aid in muscle recovery and boost the immune system with a naturally nutritious and delicious daily care supplement. We use human-grade ostrich meat in our treats which is low in fat, cholesterol and...

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These delicious ostrich CBD dog treats are specifically formulated for small dogs to maintain joint mobility, manage stiffness and soreness and help keep your pup healthy, happy and strong. Green-Lipped Mussel contains high levels of Glucosamine, Chondroitin and a host of minerals and vitamins which are all incredibly vital to your pets’ joint health. It not only reduces inflammation but...

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Our gourmet fishy dog treats are hand-baked with fresh mackerel meat which is naturally low in fat and packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, to keep your dogs coat healthy and shiny. Each tasty treat contains 3mg of CBD and is made especially for small dogs. DELICIOUS MACKEREL For a tasty, fishy treat HYPOALLERGENIC No added wheat, dairy or soy...

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These all natural, grain free, healthy treats for dogs and puppies are just so temptingly tasty – your dog will love them! Good ingredients speak for themselves, so we hand bake our natural dog treats as simply as possible with plenty of organic peanut butter, blueberries and apples and nothing artificial whatsoever. Blueberries are brimming with vitamins, minerals and carry...

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The ultimutt guilt-free, 100% natural dog and puppy treats. Good ingredients speak for themselves and packed with meaty deliciousness, these tasty treats are bursting with added benefits to keep your dog healthy and happy! PROTEIN-PACKED – Our protein-rich meaty ostrich treats will let your four-legged friend know how much they mean to you. Our meat is sustainable and ethically sourced...

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Best Rabbit food ever! Great Service!

Gentle wipes

Very gentle wipes that are great for getting any extra wax/dirt build up out of your dogs' ears. They are very soft and seem to alleviate some of the ear discomfort that pups might experience. The are very costly for a pack of 25 wipes, so use sparingly.

Sharples Mirr 'a' Bloom

Royal Canin Feline Wet food Instinctive Chunks in JELLY.

My cats prefer jelly to gravy and I wish Royal Canin would bring out more JELLY options for wet cat food.
Thank you.

Bunnies are happy

I was buying Versele Laga Cuni Jr for my buns, but after their spays one just did not want to eat much of the Versele. After doing much research I decided on the Burgess Indoor and began to phase it in mixed with the Versele. Surprisingly they loved it almost from day 1, probably didn't even need to phase it in. Now I just have to bring out the bag and they will be happily running about impatiently waiting. I'm happy when they're happy.
The resealable zip lock bag is also great as I don't need to empty the contents into another container anymore.