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Cat's Best Smart Pellet

R 224.00

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Efficient, clumping organic cat litter ideal for long-haired cats.


  • Mini-Power-Pellets
  • LOWER TRACK EFFECT – Ideal for long-haired cats
  • Doesn't get carried out of the litter 
  • The natural ODOUR and GERM TRAP
  • Excellent odour retention 
  • More than 700 % absorption 
  • Super economical: Base content may remain 4-6 weeks in the cat toilet
  • Naturally soft to the paws 
  • 100 % compostable and biodegradable
  • Soiled litter can be disposed of in the normal toilet *  
  • Dramatically less waste

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ray D.
A Plus Service

This was the first time I've ordered from Pet Plus, and I have to say: well done on A plus service. I'll be back.

Prelene N.
Best Litter for long haired cats

Never disappoints. Wish it came in a bigger bag.

Mikayla O.
Use it for our adult cat and new kitten

Absolutely love it. Clumps nicely. Helps with pee smell!

Eric t.M.
Very good litter

I've not used much litter in my life, but this is good quality. I fostered 5 kittens and their mom for 2 weeks, I changed litter only once (for the rest of the time I just cleaned out poop clumps) and truth be told, I changed the litter only because I felt one week is long for 6 cats! It could probably have lasted even more than a week. Instantly absorbs urine, the litter box didn't smell of cat pee at all, even after a full week. I gave it 4 stars because it still made some dust when you shuffle the litter, I've read there's litter out there that doesn't do this.

Tania S.
Cats best smart pellets

This is an expensive product but well worth the cost. Parcel arrived sooner than expected. It was boxed securely which prevented the pellets from crumbling - some other suppliers don't bother with this.
Point being if the pellets are unbroken there is virtually no tracking or mess from the litter tray around the house. Well done Pet Plus.

★ Reviews

Let customers speak for us

2124 reviews
Fantastic litter, no smell

Great cat litter that never smells bad & doesnt need to be changed as often, as long as you remove the messy clumps. Totally worth the price!

Itching,dry skin solution

It helps my Jack Russel with his skin allergies. Helps with the itching due to dry skin on his chest

Cats Love It

Our cats love this product. We use it as an occasional treat, and they always finish it. We did try freezing one, like suggested on the packet - but, I think they didn't appreciate the cold much. Would def suggest as a nice cat treat.

Keep Dogs Entertained

Easily best chewy for my little Jack Russell, keeps him from chewing everything else in the house.Good product.

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