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Debrizyme Aerosol Wound Dressing

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DEBRIZYME is an aerosol wound dressing spray. DEBRIZYME aids in the treatment of external wounds and also assists healing through debridement and by stimulation of epithelial tissue.

Each gram of DEBRIZYME contains 0, 125g trypsin crystalline, 290mg castor oil, 40mg peru balsam, 200i.u. vitamin A and Si.u.vitamin E.

Trypsin is a proteolytic enzyme and acts as a mild debriding agent. It is effective in the removal of necrotic tissue, exudate and coagulated blood.
Peru balsam is used to increase circulation in the wound site area by dilation of the blood vessels. Increasing the local blood flow brings nutrients and oxygen needed for re- epithelialisation to the wound much faster and this also means a more rapid removal of products of skin necrosis. Peru balsam also has a mild bactericidal action and promotes wound granulation.
Castor oil increases epithelialisation. It reduces premature epithelial dehydration and keratinisation.
Miyamoto has demonstrated an acceleration of cell renewal and wound healing with topically applied vitamin A and vitamin E1 •
There are no adverse skin/cell reactions association with the application of DEBRIZYME.

Shake the can before use. Use the extension nozzle supplied to spray directly onto the wound site. Apply 2-3 times a day. Avoid spraying into eyes and on fresh arterial clots.

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My dogbaby has a heart condition and has Cardiofocus daily. She is so happy, has a shiny coat and is full of energy.

Good product

I've used this for years, always have a can in the house, but only use it very seldom in specific instances, like when people walk their dogs off lead and there is heightened gate aggression with my dogs through the fence, one pssst of this breaks all the dogs up immediately. One can lasts a long time and is very effective if used correctly.

A good product

We have a 17 year old cat with feline dementia, he walks around the house at night yowling for no reason at all, he is deaf so we cant call him, after using Calmeze for a time now he settles down and sleeps quietly through most of the night, gets up in the morning and ready for his day with no side effects of drowsiness at all. I have also found most of my cats have had very bad reactions to other calming medications and this one has none of those wide eyed stares and manic behaviour.

Just as advertised. Ultrum Ultimate spray works very well as a spray on animal bedding as well as on floors.

marlene parrot food

It gives a very nice different variety!!