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Flexi Xtreme Lead

R 599.00

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For those who love extremes – overly vivacious dogs or challenging situations. Flexi Xtreme offers safety through the Flexi X11-Tape and provides increased comfort on all adventures through its integrated elastic soft stop.

Accessories that can be bought separately:

The Multi Box - which is the ideal accessory to store treats or standard poop-bag rolls.



  • For dogs up to a maximum of 20kg
  • Product weight: 245 g approx.


  • For dogs up to a maximum of 35kg 
  • Product weight: 340 g approx.


  • For dogs up to a maximum of 65kg
  • Product weight: 490 g approx


  • 5 m tape leash
  • Reinforced tape [ flexi® X11-Tape ] to withstand intense usage
  • Elastic soft-stop tape element
  • Adjustable handle
  • Soft grip
  • Reliable braking system
  • Can be customized with LED Lighting System
  • Can be customized with Multi Box

Additional Features:

Elastic soft-stop lead element:

The elastic soft stop integrated in the Xtreme provides comfort for you and your dog on all adventures.

Reinforced tape [ flexi® X11-Tape ] and perfected tape guidance system:

An extremely robust tape for extreme strain. We have perfected the tape guidance system through numerous tests so the tape can unroll in any direction without getting stuck.

Reliable braking system:

There are moments when in a split second can change everything. Flexi braking systems are not only intuitive and smooth, they also react in the split of a second.

Adjustable handle:

Typical flexi: This handle is not only ergonomic; it can be adjusted, so that it can be used in the winter with a glove or in summer without a glove. So, no matter what size your hands are, your best friend is always in good hands.

Tape guidance system:

Thanks to the Tape guidance system, which has been perfected through countless tests, the tapes can be extended in all directions without getting jammed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason K.

Nice Lead works well even with big dogs that can be a hand full. The dog actually pulls less because it has more freedom but as a owner you just need to be aware of possibly situations that might trigger your dog and then go back to a short or locked more controlled situation.

Tamryn K.
Flexi lead xtreme

Very nice and light weight, moves freely in and out.
It is not as hardy as my previous flexi lead tape, on our first walk it caught on a wire and the lead laddered a bit in that place. So the previous ones tape part was stronger because it often hooked on things and never laddered or split.

Sannelie v.Z.
Flexi Extreme Lead

The Flexi Extreme Lead works very well for my 2 Schnauzers. The small is strong enough for both the 10 kg and 17 kg dogs. We are all very impressed. They enjoy walking with the long(5m) lead. Thank you

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