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Heptonic (D)

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 Nutritional supplementary liquid for use in the recovery period from tick bite fever and other debilitating diseases.

Heptonic is a liquid nutritional supplement. It is perfectly suited for use in dogs as an aid to recovery from biliary and other debilitating diseases. Heptonic is also a good general tonic when dogs are listless and have little or no appetite. Heptonic is very tasty, even to dogs that are not feeling well, due to high levels liver extract. Heptonic is also an excellent source of energy from the high percentage glucose which is easy for the body to use as energy. Heptonic provides the essential red blood cell (erythropoietic) vitamins and minerals. Folic acid, combined with the Liver Extract and the Vitamin B12 stimulate the body to produce new blood cells. Choline is involved in fat metabolism and is required in conditions predisposing the liver to becoming clogged with fat. This is always a risk when Dogs are ill and go off their food – they are in a negative energy balance and the body tries to get energy from the fat reserves on board.

Composition:   Liver extract,iron,calcium glycerophosphate,vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, choline, glucose (45%).

Directions for use: Give daily, poured over food.

Available in 100ml. Also available in 500ml and 5L on request

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