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Hound Sleeper Patio

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Hound Sleeper provides a comfortable, hygienic environment for your dog to sleep. 

A healthy sleeping environment is provided due to the Hound Sleep being elevated off the ground, away from the dirt and cold. The is especially useful for mature dogs and those with arthritic and hip problems as getting on and off an elevated bed is a lot easier than getting up from the ground. The motion of putting their front paws on the ground first alleviates pressure from their back paws and joints.

With a strong frame and durable fabric which can easily carry an excess of 70 kg's. A sturdy hammock shape is created for your pet to sleep on, which supports your pets weight evenly over the surface.

The Hound Sleeper provides a hygienic environment to sleep on due to the ease in which the bed can be washed and the lack of stuffing which is ideal for mites, fleas and other critters to flourish and breed in. It is recommended that the bed be scrubbed with soap and water on a regular basis.

The Patio bed cover is made from textilene fabric and is UV protected. The fabric has small holes which allows any moisture and dirt to sift through onto the surface below. This cover is designed to be used outdoors but can also be used indoors.


  • Medium - 810 x 810 x 200mm
  • Large - 1120 x 810 x 200mm
  • XLarge - 1300 x 900 x 200mm

NB: Please refer to the assembly video before attempting to assemble. There are tips which are almost a necessity to be followed to make assembly easier.

Assembly Videos

Customer Reviews

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Hound Sleeper Patio

This is a sturdy, high quality dog stretcher. I have bought several other brands which did not last long and even sagged after the first use. This one is the best ever for my boerboel. It took some effort to assemble but it was worth it!

Lizette M.
Real value for money.

High quality raised bed. Our dogs took to it immediately. The videos for assembly on Pet Plus' shop really made it easy to assemble. Will definitely get more in the future.

Erika K.
Great product - horrendous assembly

This product should come with a warning - extreme strength required for assembly. I nearly sent it back as I could not assemble it myself. It took 4 of us, and in the process ended up damaging the thread so now the last screw sticks out a little bit at least it’s assembled. It should come with the option to have it sent pre-assembled.

We're sorry to hear you had a tough time assembling this :-(

Did you watch the assembly video on the product page?

There are some tips which need to be followed to make it easier, the most important one is leaving the black 'cover' in the sun for 10 to 15 minutes to soften it. This is the main thing to make assembly easier. The manufacturer also recommends the use of a bit of vaseline on the ends of the poles to help with sliding them passed one another.

You've assembled it already, but in case you'd like to watch, here's the link to the assembly video:

Sonelda v.R.

Awesome product and one awesome store to buy dog goodies from.
Great service 👏 👍 👌

Pet Plus Review

You guys have been amazing – your service is awesome! When I purchased the Dog’s Life bed and it was destroyed, I was not happy. I would never recommend Dog’s Life products as they do not stand by their guarantee but I would most certainly recommend you guys and your amazing service. Thank you very much, my fur baby loves her bed!

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