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JW Hol-ee Roller (Various colours)

R 109.00
  • Vendor: JW

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The JW Hol-ee Roller is a novel, colourful and interactive toy to give you and your dog many hours of fun!

  • Made from heavy-duty, durable rubber, the Hol-ee Roller is suitable for a range of dogs!
  • Pliable, resilient natural rubber which has proven itself to be the best material to satisfy your dog's normal craving to chew!
  • This design allows the ball to be squished and tugged and it will snap back into shape time after time!

Sizes (diameter)

  • Mini (4cm)
  • Small (7.5cm)
  • Medium (11.4cm)
  • Large (14cm)
  • Jumbo (19cm)

Note: Colours may vary




Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lorraine C.
Best Dog ball

My dog loves these balls, has all sizes, nicer than hard tennis balls as they don’t hurt their mouths. Can put treats inside to keep them busy for hours.

Jennifer B.
JW Hol ee

My Jack Russell absolutely loves this ball . I have tried other makes with absolutely no success.

Liza L.
Best ball for small doggies

My Yorkies love playing ball but it was hard to find the right size for their tiny mouths. The JW Hol-ee Roller is the perfect size and it allows breathing while they have it in their tiny mouths. The search was worth it! Excellent toy!!!

Paula S.

These balls are really great. You can hide treats in them, play games with the dogs and most importantly, they appear to be virtually indestructible even with heavy chewing/use. We had our previous one for 5 years. The only reason I had to buy a new one was because we lost the previous one, it was still going strong, it has just gone to the island with all the lost socks!
P.S. Also less of a tripping/falling hazard as they collapse underfoot if you accidentally stand on them.

Adela I.
Great Ball for my collie

My collie loves this ball! It has a bit of a bounce and the holes makes it easy for him to catch and carry. I would, however, caution against leaving it with your dog unsupervised (we had a smaller JW Hol-ee Roller ball which he shredded to pieces when unsupervised).

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