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Lekker Barkery Ostrich Meat Sticks

R 28.00

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INGREDIENTS: Beef Paddywack (nuchal ligament from the neck area) & Ostrich Meat. LIFE STAGE:  Puppy, Adult, *SENIOR (* consult with your vet first if your pet has kidney issues). BREED SIZE:   Small  

FEEDING  Do not exceed 10% of the dog’s daily caloric intake.  Overfeeding of high protein treats can cause stomach upset.  Choose the appropriate chew size for breed and life stage.  Always supervise pets when feeding treats.  Always provide fresh drinking water to aid digestion.  Not intended for  human consumption. 



 Chew treat—Helps curb boredom, long lasting:  A)  encourages the release of endorpines in dogs, which helps to naturally sooth and calm.   B) Also essential in helping the development of strong jaw muscles.  100% natural  High in protein  High in elastin proteins and collagen type 3  Helps clean teeth  Highly digestible  Single ingredients unprocessed (beef and ostrich)  No preservatives  No salt HEALTH AND HYGIENE    Only human grade meat used.  Meat is heat dried to kill pathogens.  Only stainless steel trays are used for drying meat.  BPA free and food grade plastic use for packaging of products 



FAT  10% 

FIBRE  0.7% 

ASH  0.9%