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Tetra Pro Vegetable / Algae

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  • Gentle low heating manufacturing process for high nutritional value and high vitamin stability.

  • With algae concentrate to improve resistance.

  • Innovative crisp format for minimal waste and water pollution.

  • Ideal for herbivorous fish.
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Westerman's Seed Bells

Birds really enjoy them and they last for quite a while.

Birds love it

The red-billed wood hoepoes in my garden love these balls

squarebone dog cushion

Looks and behaves like the last one
Generally last about a year

Silent Whistle

I just received my Deluxe Silent whistle. This whistle is good quality but unfortunately NOT a silent whistle. One can hear the high pitch tone. The aim was to silent a dog which keeps on barking. This is not the whistle for the purpose of silencing a dog.

Effective treatment of worms and suspected giardiasis in our two dogs.