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Ultradog Special Diet Weight Control Low Calorie

R 200.00

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Sometimes a standard adult formula isn’t enough for dogs who are slightly overweight or who struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

The Ultra Dog Special Diet Weight Control formula has been scientifically developed in conjunction with in-house experts and contains a precise nutritional balance of energy and protein.

The added L-carnitine assists in burning fat naturally, instead of storing it in the body. Wholesome fibre aids with keeping dogs’ hunger satisfied between meals.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Charmelle W.
Not tasty for our greedy Aggie

Our Beagle Aggie gobbles up basically anything on offer. She has a hard time finishing her Ultradog Low Calorie serving. For the first time ever she doesn’t finish her food.

Nicolaas K.
Our dogs love Ultradog Special Diet

The Ultradog Special Diet Weight Control Low Calorie is perfect for our two dogs! The fat content of 5 to 8% is ideal for their particular situation.

Good but pellets a bit too big

My dogs (Dachshund and Jack Russel) did enjoy the Special Diet Weight Control Low Calorie food but as they are over 12 years old, they found biting the large pellets a bit difficult. If the pellets were the same size as the normal Ultra dog superwoof small-medium breed pellets I would have bought this again.

Liza T.
Super food

my dog just love this food as she stands and wait at feeding time!

Roy N.
Ultra dog Special Diet

I was advised by my Vet to start my Labrador on a Weight Control Program. I was 'shocked' at the cost of the food. I Googled and found 'Ultra dog' - cheapest
at Pet Plus. I can actually see the difference in weight after feeding him this. I would recommend this product to anyone. Also take into consideration that imported food costs so much more because of the exchange rates.

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2125 reviews
Fantastic litter, no smell

Great cat litter that never smells bad & doesnt need to be changed as often, as long as you remove the messy clumps. Totally worth the price!

Itching,dry skin solution

It helps my Jack Russel with his skin allergies. Helps with the itching due to dry skin on his chest

Cats Love It

Our cats love this product. We use it as an occasional treat, and they always finish it. We did try freezing one, like suggested on the packet - but, I think they didn't appreciate the cold much. Would def suggest as a nice cat treat.

Keep Dogs Entertained

Easily best chewy for my little Jack Russell, keeps him from chewing everything else in the house.Good product.

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