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Ultrum Plus Shampoo

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Tick and flea shampoo for DOGS ONLY.

ULTRUM® Plus Shampoo is the flea and tick shampoo of choice for dogs and puppies. Safe, long-lasting, veterinarian-recommended ULTRUM® Plus Shampoo contains Evening Primrose Oil, lanolin and conditioners to leave the coat clean, healthy and shiny. Animals are free of bugs and look and smell their best after ULTRUM® Plus therapy. The quality formulation ensures that even sensitive skins are caused minimal or no irritation.


Contains 1% permethrin, 0,1% es-bioallethrin, 1,1% piperonyl butoxide and 2% Evening Primrose Oil.


Wet coat well with lukewarm water. Use enough ULTRUM® Plus to create a good lather. Wash well and rinse with lukewarm water. More shampoo for a second wash can be used if necessary. Dry your pet thoroughly after washing. Avoid contact with the eyes and if accidental contact should occur, rinse the eyes with clean water. ULTRUM® Plus Shampoo is compatible with other forms of ULTRUM® flea treatment and can be used in conjunction with them. ULTRUM® Plus Shampoo is for use on dogs ONLY.