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Ultrum Ultimate Refill

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  • A complete flea and tick treatment for dogs, with instant and prolonged action. Keep fleas and ticks off your dog with fast-acting, long-acting ULTRUM® Ultimate spray. It is fast-acting: see the pests falling off as you spray. Its potentiated power means ULTRUM® Ultimate kills 100% of fleas within 24 hours and keeps killing for weeks. And it has over three months killing activity against flea eggs and larvae. The 100ml pack will give approximately 3-5 applications on small dogs depending on the type of coat. The 200ml pack will give approximately 2-4 applications on large dogs, dependin

  • Repeat treatment with ULTRUM® Ultimate every 3 to 4 weeks, especially in warm, humid conditions. The coat should be made wet down to the skin by ruffling the coat as spray is applied. Massaging the coat after this will help to distribute the solution evenly. The spray is quick-drying but leaves a fine film which may impart a slight shine to the coat. Washing the dog before applying ULTRUM® Ultimate will not affect the action of the insecticide. Around the face area, some solution should be sprayed onto a cloth or into a glove and then applied. Allow the animal to dry naturally.g on the size of dog and type of coat.
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