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Virbac Nutribound For Dogs

R 230.00

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Nutribound® provides the essential nutrients especially recommended to support the dog in recuperation conditions, from the very early stages.

Association of essential ingredients for a progressive re-feeding of dogs in the recovery period.


Complementary food for dogs.


Composition :


Meat and animal derivatives (4,74 %), derivatives of vegetable origin (6,14 %), oils and fats (1,29 %), minerals (0,69 %), chicory inulin (0,3 %), fructooligosaccharides (0,11 %).


Properties :


Nutribound® liquid formula is highly palatable and ready-to-use. This association of essential ingredients encourages the animal to eat and drink.

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Burgess Excel country garden herbs

Always been a favourite treat for our guinea pigs Max, Pepsi, Oreo and TinTin.




My bunnies love the Burgess Excel food! And it does not smell too bad either like some other pet foods.

Bought as a Gift

I bought 3 trays of this for a lady who runs a kitten rescue facility with kittens ranging in ages new-born to 16 weeks. She was super grateful! When I asked how much kittens actually eat, she answered all 28 can be fed with one can. Taking into account they all still get baby cat milk too, and some don't even eat solid food at all yet, but one can of mouse goes a long way. The lady asked for this food specifically, she feels its an excellent first food.