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How to prepare your pets for fireworks

Animals are a lot more sensitive to loud noises, so it is no surprise that many your pets may find fireworks very scary. Here are some simple things you can do to make fireworks less stressful for your furry friends. 

How to prepare your pets for fireworks: 

  • Walk your dogs during the day, while the sun is still up, to avoid being out when fireworks are going off.
  • Keep your animals indoors while fireworks are likely to be going off. 
  • At nightfall close all windows, doors and curtains and turn on some music or the TV to muffle the loud bangs. 
  • Give your cat or dog somewhere to hide, that they have access to at all times. For cats this could be under furniture or in a cardboard box and for dogs create a playpen with toys, a bed and blankets. Shop beds and blankets online or in-store 
  • “Condition” your pet to know where their comfortable space is, this is a set space in the house where they can hide during stressful times such as thunderstorms, when builders are around or any other loud noise or stressful situation. 
  • Never punish your pet while they are scared, this will only cause more stress. 
  • Provide comfort in the form of a lap or scratches, if they desire, if not leave them to hide until they feel safe. 
  • Make sure your pets are microchipped, in the unfortunate event they do escape during the fireworks. 
  • Ensure your animal is wearing a collar and tag with clear contact details. 
  • If administering calming medication, ensure to check the package insert for dosage. Shop calming options 
  • Thunder shirts can aid in calming your pet during these stressful situations. 
  • If you have small pets, such as guinea pigs and rabbits, who live outside consider bringing them indoors. If this is not possible; partly cover cages with blankets to muffle the noise but ensure they can still look out. Also provide them with extra bedding so they have something to burrow in. 

If your pets are particularly stressed, we advise that you seek advice from your vet who will be able to refer you to a professional clinical animal behaviourist, if necessary.

  • November 02, 2020
  • Lara Robertson
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