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Petsafe Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control Unit

R 2,100.00

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The Pet Safe Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control has an internal microphone and when a barking dog is within range, it automatically emits an ultrasonic sound that can be heard by dogs but is silent to most humans. Dogs should stop barking when they hear the high pitched sound and associate barking with the noise. The digital timer can be programmed to turn the unit on and off at specific times during the day and night. 

This unit is weatherproof and deisgned to hang easily from a tree or garden hook.

The unit must face and be within a 15metre range of the barking dog.


Easy to use. No collar required.

Ultrasonic sound deters nuisance barking up to 15metres away.

Programmable digital timer.

Durable and weatherproof.

Three colour LED.

Low battery indicator.


Requires 9 volt battery. Not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Celeste S.
Does not work

The Gadget does not work at all .Dogs barking dogs are practically on top of it and it does not work , very disappointing .A lot of money spent on nothing .

Wiehan v.d.M.
Petsafe Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control Unit Disappointment.

We had the Petsafe Deluxe Outdoor Bark Control Unit for about 6 weeks and was very disappointed. It did not make any difference to the constant barking of our neighbours dogs. According to the test we did by following the instructions the unit was working but does not seem to make any impact on the barking dogs. Because there is no way of knowing if the ultra sound is actually been send by the unit we can't say for sure if it is working at all. Therefore I am very disappointed with my purchase and will not recommend anyone else to waste there money on this unit.

Bark control unit

It does nothing to stop the barking. The dogs bark next to the device.

Tamlyn P.
Product review - Pet Plus bark device

Product does not work and was a complete waste of money 😡

Itha B.
Hi It work but not as good as the one my brother got.

We were very very pleased to receive our product so fast. Thank you

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