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M-Pets Pee Pee Tree Training Pads

R 310.00

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Dogs naturally mark their territory to demonstrate ownership of their space. Thanks to M-PETS PEE PEE TREE, no more soiled furniture and messes. Easy to use, the perfect solution to keep your house cleaner.

  • 3D pop-up tree for male dog
  • Clean paws
  • Pheromone Attractant
  • Antibacterial & Fast Drying
  • No odors & Leakproof
  • No more soiled furniture
  • 15 in a Box

Pad Size: 60 x 60 cm

Tree Size: 12,6 x 24,5 cm

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Diomec Plus

Great product which helps with dogs who are rejecting food because of nausea or to help calm an upset stomach brought on by eating something yucky.

Animalzone Parrot and Parakeet Muesli - 3kg Tub

My birds absolutely love this food.

My cat's favourite!

Great to buy in bulk

Not working as well as original version

I have been using Nexgard for a couple of years now. The original version worked really well - not a tick, flea or mite in sight. I've noticed that, since switching to the Spectra version, my dogs now again have ticks - especially after returning for a walk. The product still works well for keeping fleas and mites at bay.

Nothing But The Best

As always, the quality is on point and the nuggies are always fresh and cronchy just the way my little dude likes them. Since showing him this brand by accident, he won't eat any other brand now. It's made his fur so silky smooth and his overall wellbeing great. You can tell he's not lacking any nutrients or anything. Burgess Excel is my go to brand for everything, he even likes their chew sticks, he won't even touch any other chews but this brand. I think someone is fussy and just has expensive taste ;)