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Petsafe Bark Control Collar Static Replaceable Battery

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Suitable for dogs 3.5Kg and over. Fits neck sizes from 20 -71 cm.

Battery and operating manual included

Effective pet training requires consistency. The PetSafe® Bark Control Collar automatically and consistently corrects excessive barking in dogs. When the vibration of your dog’s bark triggers the sensor probe, a static correction is administered through the contact points. The Bark Control Collar starts with the lowest level of correction and then increases through 6 levels each time your dog barks within 30 seconds of the previous bark. If your dog does not bark again within 30 seconds, the Bark Control Collar resets itself to the lowest level of correction. Along with each static correction, there will be an audible beep. For safety, the Bark Control Collar shuts off for 3 minutes if your dog barks 15 times or more within 50 seconds.

6 Levels of correction


Low battery indicator light



This bark control collar is designed with 15 levels of static stimulation that help discourage nuisance barking and whining. The PetSafe® Bark Collar automatically finds the perfect setting to help your dog learn to stop barking. The correction levels of the collar automatically increase with each bark until barking stops. The static correction is annoying yet safe for dogs. A built-in safety feature automatically shuts the collar off for 3 minutes if your dog barks more than 15 times within an 80 second period. As your dog learns to bark less, correction levels are reduced. The PetSafe® Bark Collar is a great choice for dogs weighing 3.5kg or more and more than 6 months old.


  • For dogs 3.5kg and up.
  • Adjusts to fit neck sizes 20cm-71cm.
  • 15 levels of progressive correction adjust automatically.
  • Sound and vibration sensor detects barking, whining and whimpering.
  • Automatic safety shut-off.
  • Waterproof.
  • Replaceable battery.

Customer Reviews

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Giovanna M.
Bark collar works

The bark collar does work, but it’s a bit heavy for small dogs, so I only put it on my animals at night, to keep them quiet.

Trevor B.

Petsafe Bark Control Collar Static Replaceable Battery

Caroline B.
Well-designed, punitive products are always risky

This is a well-designed and effective anti-bark. Shock level starts very low and scales fast if the dog continues barking, which means that the lesson is learned promptly and the tone/lowest level become a conditioned punisher for barking. The danger with these is not with the product but with owners who leave them on as a bark stopper on dogs who are not getting enough attention. Give the dog a cue like 'collar' before putting it on. Cue it with its name and deliver a treat whenever it comes when called. Gradually teach the dog the difference: that coming away from something it's barking at when called be rewarded, while continuing to bark means the collar will be put on (say 'collar' and then put it on). The dog will gradually backchain this to make the connection that barking results in the collar being put on and the collar results in barking being physically punished. The reason for a 3 rather than a 5 is that the device is presented as an anti bark rather than a training tool, which means it will be abused to the dog's detriment.

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